Drew Galloway’s Contract With Impact Wrestling Is Expiring Soon

2017 is already shaping up to be a big year of free agents and pro wrestling destination speculation (or ProWresDestSpec, for short). The latest name that we can start ProWresDestSpec’ing about is Drew Galloway, who wrestled in WWE as Drew McIntyre from 2009 until 2014 (and was in developmental starting in 2006 prior to that). The former Intercontinental Champion has been wrestling pretty much everywhere since leaving WWE, and in that time has become an EVOLVE World and Tag Team Champion and a TNA World Heavyweight Champion. And we already know that TNA wants to lock him up to a long-term deal, but it looks like that won’t be happening.

The latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that Galloway’s current TNA contract expires in mid-February, and he’s already turned down an offer of $200,000 per year to stick around. (In part because it would give TNA exclusive control of his booking dates, and he really enjoys working the U.K. indies right now.) Dave Meltzer notes that WWE or New Japan could be interested once his contract is up, as well as ITV if their World of Sport reboot gets off the ground.
Okay, let’s just look at the facts here:

  1. Galloway didn’t re-sign with TNA in any of the past few months when he’s had a chance and they’ve been making him legit offers on an extension
  2. WWE has not been shy about signing anyone and everyone they can who has either international appeal or has the goods as an in-ring performer, a personality, or both. Galloway has ALL of it
  3. Jinder Mahal is back in WWE
  4. Heath Slater and Rhyno’s tag team is on the verge of splitting up

Look at the signs, people. THREE MAN BAND REUNION, BABAYYYYYYYY.

Galloway’s first stint in WWE didn’t end well (unless you’re a fan of 3MB, in which case it ended PERFECTLY, except for 3MB eventually going away), but time and distance and become a great all-around damn pro wrestler heals all wounds. I’m personally all the way on board with Galloway coming back to WWE, 3MB or no 3MB.

You know what they say: where there’s a will, Galloway. (They don’t actually say that, but they should. Tell me that’s not a Pro Wrestling Tees shirt waiting to happen.)