Matt And Jeff Hardy’s TNA Contracts Are Up Soon, And WWE Is Very Interested

It’s highly likely that if you’ve seen any TNA programming over the past year, at least part of that programming has has to do with Broken Matt Hardy and his bizarre brood. They’re one of the very hottest acts in wrestling, and they’ve been on WWE’s radar for a while now. With the expiration of their Impact Wrestling contracts rapidly approaching, things are only going to get more … extraordinary.

This week’s Wrestling Observer brings us the news that both Hardys’ contracts are up in February. (Matt’s contract, specifically, expires on 2/27.) TNA will continue to try and lock up the Hardys long-term, but there’s no way they will agree to exclusivity given how much money they’re making on the indies right now. Meanwhile, WWE is very interested in bringing them in, as they see the merchandising possibilities of the #BROKEN characters, not to mention the nostalgia aspect of the Hardy Boyz being back in general.

It will likely all come down to how much time and creative control WWE is willing to dedicate to the Hardys, as they currently have free reigns to do whatever the hell they want in TNA. (I’m not sure if you noticed that.) There’s also the hectic WWE schedule to take into consideration, especially since Matt has another child on the way. You would imagine that the Hardys would be allowed to work a lighter schedule than others, but then again, why bring them in if you’re not going to maximize the number of tickets you can sell to see the Broken Hardys?

It certainly is a quandary, and a situasheen we will monitor MOST closely. For now, let us retire to the dilapidated boat to ponder the future, and see whether the seven deities will offer us any premmuNEEshuns.