Billy Corgan And The Former Damien Sandow Weigh In On The Sale Of TNA

There are tons of rumors currently swirling about the sale of TNA. The company has been on the market for some time (arguably for years), but now it appears to be time for the rubber to meet the road. Several months ago, Billy Corgan came aboard as an investor (or savior, depending on what report you read) and minority owner. He’s replaced Dixie Carter as the president of the company and has been an onscreen authority figure for a while now. He’s also one of the potential parties interested in purchasing the company outright.

Some reports (like those from the Wrestling Observer) claim that TNA has to finalize a sale by Friday, or Sunday’s planned Bound for Glory pay-per-view may not be able to go on as scheduled. So with all this news flying around, it’s understandable that some talent might be worried about the situation. For his part, however, Corgan is hopeful and is fired up about the possibility of owning the company outright and making sweeping changes. He appeared on Busted Open yesterday to talk about the potential sale and about everything finally coming to a head.

“It’s reached a point where it’s going to have a transformational moment. Whatever’s going to happen this week or this weekend or whatever, is going to for sure — and this is not a wrestling angle — it is definitely going to change the direction of the company forever. Does that mean the company ends, does that mean the company begins a new era? Obviously I am very much on the side and very much invested that the company would continue.

“Having been through this the last three rounds, I still remain very optimistic that come Sunday I will be standing in the ring putting over what’s about to happen. I will be in Orlando come rain or shine. I can’t speak for everybody else at this particular moment, but I will be in Orlando this Sunday.”

Meanwhile, on the locker room side of things, Aron Rex — formerly known as Damien Sandow in WWE — sat down with to discuss a whole slew of things, but notably, how the wrestlers were dealing with all these reports and rumors. Rex said that the employees understand the situation, which is out of their hands, but that they’re rooting for Corgan to be the one to be able to purchase the company.

“You know what? We all realize what it is. When you have the talent level that the locker room has. When you have the business sense of a Billy Corgan and the direction, and what he brings to the table… He’s an extremely knowledgeable person about the wrestling industry! You forget that you’re talking to one of the biggest rockstars in the history of the world when you’re talking about Adrian Adonis and Roddy Piper at WrestleMania 3 with him. It is cool! It is very, very cool. All of us realize where we’re at as a company. We realize what we have the opportunity to be a part of. When you combine that talent with the knowledge that’s there, not only at the management level but also the talent level, you have a bunch of guys and girls going out there to prove themselves right and to make their own way. That is going to be what sets Impact apart. And, people are already starting to talk about it. That is on us to say, “You’re exactly right” and this is we can do.”

Just like the wrestlers on the TNA roster, all we can do as wrestling fans at this point is sit back and wait to see how this all plays out. At least Corgan and some of the talent are hopeful that things will work out. Regardless of your opinion of the TNA product, more wrestling in the world is never a bad thing.