TNA Is Negotiating With A Talent Who Will ‘Shock People,’ So Let’s Wildly Speculate!

Birds gotta fly. Fish gotta swim. TNA Wrestling gotta hype “major announcements” that will create media buzz and change the direction of the company.

According to a report from the Observer, Dixie Carter’s latest major announcement that will yadda yadda involves negotiations with someone we wouldn’t expect, as well as a buzzworthy new signing. Maybe Dixie Carter got signed to a WWE developmental deal?

– Dixie Carter recently told some people to expect a major announcement soon, believed to be a new TNA TV deal but that may not be the case. There were claims of negotiating with a talent who would “shock people” and a new signing that would help bring buzz to TNA but nobody knows who those talents may be. We know it’s not CM Punk and Mick Foley.

Shockmaster jokes aside, who could it be? They’re very careful to say “talent” (as opposed to “wrestler”) and differentiate the talent negotiation from “a new signing,” so does that make it an announcer, or some other non-wrestling personality? Is it Jim Ross? Hearing JR calling Impact would certainly be surprising, and if you watched Bound For Glory you more or less heard Mike Tenay typing up his resume for Global Force. If it’s not JR, is it a Brooke Hogan-esque semi-celebrity stopping in to be a regular General Manager character? Kurt Angle should be somewhere else defending America against evil Bulgarians by January.

As for the new signing who brings buzz to TNA that “nobody knows about,” that has to be an ex-MMA guy, right? That’s who it always is. It’s either a recent WWE castoff (like Brodus Clay, who’s already shown up), a long-ago WWE castoff (in the style of MVP) or an MMA fighter. TNA sincerely believes they can cross over the MMA and UFC audiences, and constant appearances from guys like King Mo, Rampage Jackson and Tito Ortiz are examples. Maybe it’s Chael Sonnen? Did TNA yank the Battlegrounds MMA announce team?

I’ll be honest, I’d watch Impact every week if Jim Ross and Chael Sonnen were ripping it to shreds on commentary.

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