TNA Says Mickie James Wasn’t Murdered By A Train, Just ‘Emotionally Disturbed’

Wednesday’s ‘Wednesday Night Wars’ edition of TNA Impact Wrestling featured two important moments: Ethan Carter III getting a barbershop quintet version of his entrance music, and Mickie James being murdered at a train station.

We had a lengthy discussion about this yesterday, but here’s what we know. Former cowboy and current cult leader James Storm lured Mickie to Nashville under false pretenses, claiming he’d set her up for meetings with top country-music executives to help further her music career. When she got there, it turned out to be weird casting couch porn about her joining his evil faction. When she turned him down, he walked her to a nearby train station and shoved her off the platform. So either she fell a great distance and died, or she got run over by a train.

Regardless, here’s the segment again, in case you missed it:

The good news is that after taking 24 hours to let us know if one of their employees had died in-universe, TNA downgraded Mickie’s injuries from “dead” to “mildly upset.” From

Then Storm walked Mickie James to the train station and that is where Storm, for whatever his reasons are, knocked Mickie James onto the tracks. While Storm’s actions are despicable and borderline criminal, we have reached out to Mickie James and have not yet gotten comment. We also reached out to security at The Nashville Star Train Station who were first on the scene after James Storm left and they were able to tell us that Mickie briefly blacked out and showed symptoms of a concussion. Mickie was tested and passed all concussion field tests. Mickie was emotionally disturbed following the events.

We will do our best to keep everyone up to date and we wish Mickie a very speedy recovery. We will be following up with Mickie James to see if she plans on filing criminal charges with Nashville PD.

As it stands, James Storm’s big plan was to lure her to Nashville, proposition her, then butt-bump her off a curb to emotionally disturb her when she refused him. Did he have to shove her off a train platform to emotionally distress her? Is this like when WWE murdered Paul Bearer by encasing him in concrete, only to wait a few days and say he had “injuries?” If you’re gonna kill a character, you’ve gotta kill a character. If Bael shows up on Lucha Underground with a bandage on his forehead, I’m gonna be pissed.

Storm’s comments on the incident are the best part:


(Via YouTube and Impact Wrestling)