Today’s Sad Fact: Since Night Of Champions, Florida-Georgia Line’s Been On WWE TV More Than The Champ

Who’s more important to WWE television: the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, or music’s #1 Bro Country band?

As pointed out by THE LORD OF PAIN (the copy-paste news site, sadly, not the demon), country rock pals Florida-Georgia Line — the guys some critics have said they’d rather have ebola than listen to — have made more appearances on WWE television since Night Of Champions than Brock Lesnar. Let that sink in for a minute.

Brock appeared (and almost lost, because “John Cena”) at Night Of Champions and showed up to the 12/15 edition of Raw to beat up fellow part-timer Chris Jericho. In comparison, Florida-Georgia Line (aka Fake Chris Jericho and Fake Heath Slater) appeared at Night Of Champions, TLC and Tribute To The Troops. Fun followup: Country Nickelback has also beaten up only one fewer WWE Superstar: Lesnar’s beaten up Cena and Jericho, they’ve beaten up Damien Mizdow.

You know who else has more TV appearances than Brock Lesnar since Night Of Champions?

Maybe it’s time to put the tag straps on Florida-Georgia Line.