Total Elimination: Elimination Chamber Is Being Replaced By ‘WWE Fast Lane’

“Because I sure love my new sex cage, er, I mean dream house or whatever…”

Oh, the Elimination Chamber – the name made it sound like a toilet, it kind of looked like a weird S&M toilet and now it’s being flushed down the proverbial toilet. Yes, sadly we won’t be getting any weird Stephanie McMahon Elimination Chamber commercials this coming February, as it seems the event has been canceled.

In it’s place we’re getting a new generic-tastic pay-per-view called WWE Fast Lane. What, WWE Fast Forward was too on the nose? This change has been rumored for some time, but local ads in Memphis where the February PPV is being held have confirmed it. WWE’s reasoning for deep-sixing the Elimination Chamber is about what you’d expect – having a bunch of dramatic cage-bound title matches in between Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania never made a lot sense from a storytelling perspective, and would be particularly hard to pull off now that WWE no longer has multiple world titles.

Of course it’s unlikely the Elimination Chamber is done for good, because you know WWE is going to keep trotting it out until every person who remembers War Games is either dead or senile. Speculation is one of the useless mid-summer PPVs like Payback may become the new Elimination Chamber, but that’s unconfirmed. For now, let’s just bask in the possibility that WWE’s most hyped, yet consistently kind of dull match is finally dead.

via Wrestling Inc.