‘Tough Enough’ Winner Matt Cappotelli Continues His Battle With Terminal Brain Cancer

Via a local news story from Louisville, Kentucky, we have an update on Matt Cappotelli, who was diagnosed with Glioblastoma, the most aggressive form of brain cancer, earlier this year.

You may remember Cappotelli as one of the co-winners with John Morrison (aka Johnny Mundo/Johnny Impact) of Tough Enough season 3. That win garnered him a developmental contract that took him to Ohio Valley Wrestling, where he showed a ton of promise. Behind the scenes, he was liked by basically everyone. Unfortunately, his in-ring career ended following the discovery of a brain tumor, which was revealed when he went to the hospital after taking a blow to the head during a match. He underwent surgery in 2007, which was considered a success, and for the next decade he remained cancer-free.

Glioblastoma, however, is a much more aggressive cancer than the astrocytoma that he previously recovered from. While 90 percent of the tumor has been removed through surgery, the remaining 10 percent is too close to the brain stem to be safely operated on. His diagnosis is considered terminal, with only five percent of patients surviving for five years or longer following similar diagnoses. Cappotelli refuses to give up, however. He calls his own story one of “unending hope.”

OVW, where Cappotelli still works as a trainer, recently held a benefit show in Louisville to help with his medical expenses, and Cappotelli was visibly moved by the crowd’s support. You can see that video and more on the WDRB news website.