Travis Barker Will Get A TMZ Tattoo If Mark Hunt Loses To Brock Lesnar At UFC 200

Travis Barker is a huge fan of mixed martial arts, and he’s got a pretty good mind for it too. Any guy that wanted to see Frankie Edgar take on Conor McGregor after the Irishman knocked out Jose Aldo and took the featherweight belt is okay in my book. Now the Blink-182 drummer has made more than his fair share of appearances at various UFC events, and with hype reaching unfathomable levels for UFC 200, it only makes sense that he gives his take on the big fights that will be going down at the UFC’s flagship show. So when TMZ asked him his opinion on Brock Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt, he didn’t hesitate:

“I got Mark Hunt. He’s got more heart. I like Lesnar too. He’s great, but UFC’s a different game.”

From there, the TMZ cameraman upped the ante and put a tattoo bet on the line — Hunt wins, and TMZ dude will get a Blink-182 tattoo. If Brock wins, Barker needs to get a TMZ tattoo, even if it’s a really tiny one.

This is how bad tattoos happen, people. But this is also how amazing fight nights ramp up the drama. So when Mark Hunt and Brock Lesnar make that walk, know that more than pride, heavyweight rankings and brain cells are on the line.