Triple H Is Posting Ridiculous Workout Videos On His Instagram Ahead Of WrestleMania

Say what you want about Triple H, but one thing you can never accuse him of is laziness. Despite having a real-life executive role in the company and overseeing NXT (not to mention traveling on the road every week for his Raw duties), the WWE World Heavyweight Champ still finds time at age 46 to maintain his physique.

Knowing he will have to work a 20+ minute match with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 32 in Dallas, Triple H has upped his workout routine even moreĀ in recent weeks, as evidenced by his Instagram page. Along with having killer matches with the likes of Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler, The Game has been doing things like depth jumps onto 42-inch boxes (with some verbal encouragement from his wife) to prep for his seventh WrestleMania main event on April 3.

He also has been putting in morning sparring sessions with his trainer in his garage.

And pulling insanely heavy objects with a rope.

Seriously, this is impressive stuff for a dude in his mid-40s, any way you slice it.

Between this and 50-year-old Undertaker deadlifting 500 pounds, I’m starting to think these wrestler guys might like to work out or something.