Triple H Responded To Rumors That He’ll Wrestle For NXT At Survivor Series

Triple H has never been shy about publicly championing NXT, the WWE brand that he actually runs. The current run-up to Survivor Series, which features NXT for the first time, is a perfect example. Triple H has taken part in NXT’s invasion of Smackdown and Raw, so there’s no doubt about what side he’s on in the battle for “Brand Supremacy.”

Some in WWE apparently wanted to take that connection a step farther. According to WrestleVotes, people in WWE Creative put forward the idea that Triple H should actually be on the NXT Team for the Triple Threat Survivor Series Elimination Match against Raw and Smackdown. It’s worth nothing that Team NXT still hasn’t been finalized, with four days and one episode of NXT left before the PPV this Sunday.

Today was a pre-Survivor Series conference call, however, and was asked if he’d be stepping into the ring as part of NXT. As recounted by the Wrestling Observer on Twitter, H doesn’t think NXT should be about older guys like him.

“It’s about the youth, the future, and a new generation of star. I want others to have that moment on that stage.”

Triple H added that the NXT team will be finalized at the last minute and that “people will be excited.” Time will tell on that last bit.