Triple H Celebrated His Survivor Series Win By Accidentally Running Right Into A Video Screen

It was a rough night all around for Triple H at the Survivor Series on Sunday. First he had to eliminate his own teammate, because of his pride and it goeth-ing before the fall. Then, he had to assault his brother-in-law. And then he ran afoul of a Monster Among Men, as a result of the aforementioned goings-on.

But even after the King of Kings (no, the other one) picked himself and dusted himself off, the humiliation was not quite complete yet. On his way to the backstage area, accompanied by his wife Stephanie McMahon, Triple H gave one last salute to the crowd … then plowed right into one of the video boards hanging on the entrance ramp.

DOWN GOES HAITCH. DOWN GOES HAITCH. He sold the offense of the video board! Never say Triple H doesn’t know how to put people over. Or … inanimate objects in this case, I guess. The still photos are just as good!

Boy, that’s embarrassing. I bet he thought showing up to work in his underwear was the silliest he would look today. We totally understand if you just spend a big chunk of time watching him running into that thing over and over. It’s only natural.