Triple H Joined The Shield At A WWE Live Event In Glasgow

The first event of WWE’s annual November European tour took place in Glasgow, Scotland on Wednesday night. It was advertised about a week before that Triple H would be joining the Raw brand show as a replacement for Roman Reigns, who has been at home sick due to the mumps. It wasn’t the first time that Triple H was going to replace a WWE talent at an event because last week he flew to Chile to replace Kevin Owens (who had to fly home for family reasons) and AJ Styles (called in to wrestle at TLC) on the Smackdown tour. That led to a hilarious video of Triple H twerking with The New Day.

With Reigns still out due to the mumps, WWE (and likely Triple H himself) decided that Triple H would make the best replacement. Reigns is a top draw for the company regardless of what his haters might think and a lot of little kids probably got their parents to buy tickets to see Reigns, so it was up to WWE to try to get somebody else that could make the fans happy. Since Triple H is a bonafide WWE legend that’s still in great shape at 48 years of age, putting him in the ring likely made fans realize this was a big deal.

What we didn’t know about the live event was that Triple H would be teaming with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Most people probably figured Seth and Dean would wrestle Sheamus and Cesaro in a tag match. Nope. It was a six man tag with Bray Wyatt returning from his viral meningitis sickness to join Sheamus and Cesaro vs. Rollins, Ambrose and Triple H. (Good to see Bray back in action, by the way.)

Here’s the video courtesy of WWE’s YouTube channel.

Rollins and Ambrose were in the ring with a third Shield vest as Rollins delivered this promo: “Desperate times call for desperate measures. And if there’s one trick I have learned in the last few years, it’s always have a Plan B.” That led to Triple H entering to a thunderous ovation and Rollins gave him the Shield vest before the match. Triple H put the vest on to become the second WWE legend in last few weeks to be an honorary Shield member since Kurt Angle did it at TLC as well.

The finish of the match saw Rollins and Ambrose hoist up Cesaro into position for Triple H to take the Roman Reigns role as the guy delivering the Powerbomb in the group’s three man Powerbomb. It’s a move that WWE is trying to call the “Shieldbomb” these days. Triple H pinned Cesaro and the crowd went wild for it. After the match, the three men did a Shield fist post in the center of the ring to an even bigger ovation.

Triple H thanked Rollins and Ambrose for teaming up with him.

It looked like such a cool moment and if you listen to the crowd, they absolutely loved it. There are some issues with logic, because Triple H and Rollins were enemies heading into their WrestleMania 33 match that Rollins won. In that same match, Triple H’s wife Stephanie McMahon went crashing through a table and was off WWE television until she returned a few weeks ago to check on her dad Vince McMahon on Smackdown and she made her Raw return this past Monday.

While WWE isn’t offering an explanation for Triple H teaming with Rollins and Ambrose, remember that this was just a live event match to make the fans happy by witnessing a WWE Legend like Triple H in action. Still, this proves anything can happen at a WWE live event … as long as somebody is out sick with the mumps.

Triple H is working four more Raw live events this week and most likely will team with Rollins and Ambrose on those shows, too.

Does this mean that Triple H will be a face whenever he returns to WWE television to build up to a probable main event match against somebody? We don’t know yet. It might be a few months until that happens. For now, this was just a fun moment for the fans at a live event in Glasgow and we’re guessing it was a moment they won’t forget.