Triple H Provides Updates On Hideo Itami, Eric Young And Bobby Roode On NXT Conference Call

NXT boss Triple H took a conference call with reporters on Tuesday and he spoke on everything from how he feels about the upcoming Cruiserweight Classic, to how the brand split will affect the NXT roster, to the possibility of having a women’s tournament in the future.

Perhaps the most interesting tidbits to come out of it, though, was Hunter providing insights on three key NXT talents. First off, Triple H gave a vague answer about the contract status of former TNA world champions Bobby Roode and Eric Young, saying that the two sides are “working things out.”

“I think they’re both very talented guys. As far as their contract status, we’re working things out with both.

Hopefully it works out. I’m very excited about the opportunity if we can work things out to work with both guys. I would say stay tuned. They’re both very talented guys and I look forward to working with them.”

As for Hideo Itami, who has been out for over a year now with a shoulder injury, Triple H said he couldn’t get into specifics about Itami’s return, but he did say that he encouraged the Japanese talent to take his time and not rush his return. He also said he still feels as strongly about his potential as he did before the injury.

“Without getting into his personal medical stuff, he has put out a statement recently saying ‘See You Soon.’… Hideo had some issues with scar tissue along the way and some mobility issues, and when he returns, I want him to be a healthy return and a full return. Not a, almost, kind of was ready return.

So I would rather see him take his time and be a few months longer than we anticipated, but when it’s right, he’ll be back. Nothing has changed for me with Hideo as far as how I feel about him as a performer. I’m very excited for him to come back and I think he’s another guy that could make a big difference.”

With the recent call-ups to the main roster, and the more that will assuredly come with the brand split, having Roode, Young, and (especially) Itami in the fold would be a huge boost for the NXT brand this summer. With Itami, it will be interesting to see where his spot is now that Shinsuke Nakamura is also in the mix on NXT. If there’s any justice in the world, we will get a Takeover match between the two before they get called up to the main roster.