Triple H Addressed The Possibility Of Women’s Tag Team Championships In WWE

Until recently, WWE could only seem to manage one storyline featuring women at a time. This was usually over the Divas Championship, or perhaps a boy, prefaced by a #1 contender battle royal or, at best, someone pinning the Divas Champion in a non-title match. This is still how it goes sometimes. With the rise of the NXT Women’s Division and an increasing number of talented female performers either on or about to join WWE’s main roster, the question becomes: “What do we do with everyone?”

One suggestion that keeps coming up is a secondary championship for women, possibly in the form of tag-team titles. There’s the Divas Championship (which should revert back to the “Women’s Championship” any day now) and the prestigious NXT Women’s Championship, but that’s it. If Charlotte and Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks are feuding over the Divas Championship heading into WrestleMania, do you just throw everyone else into a vaguely themed battle royale? If this was 10 years ago, you’d put them all in cowgirl costumes. Now, things are a little different. We want something of substance, and while WWE transitions into treating female performers like fully-formed characters with goals and motivations and personalities, we need to lean on the Championship Feud crutch. So, tag titles, yeah?

While Triple H’s answer is mostly, “sure, probably, I guess,” it’s great to hear. The idea that women’s wrestling doesn’t have a cutoff point in the mind of one of the guys running the company — and, for lack of less punny phrasing, changing the game — is a relief. Sure, there can be women’s tag titles. Why not? There can be women’s anything. You just have to train the performers right, give them creative that doesn’t insult them or the audience trying to get behind them, and give them the time and context to wrestle great matches. Anything’s possible. That’s cool as hell, right?

Note: If Emma and Dana Brooke aren’t the first WWE/NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions, we riot.