A SummerSlam Match Involving A Returning Legend Was Announced On Smackdown


It had been rumored for a while that Trish Stratus might come back for a match against Charlotte Flair at SummerSlam, and now we know for certain. Tonight on Smackdown Live, during a King’s Court segment with Jerry Lawler (the show was in Memphis, so unfortunately you can’t keep him away), Trish was in the process of explaining that she does sometimes feel tempted to get back in the ring, but she’s a mom now and has other priorities. That’s when Charlotte Flair interrupted.
Charlotte once again talked about how she should have a match at SummerSlam, and called herself the greatest female Superstar of any era. She made clear that she wants that SummerSlam match to be against Trish. Then Charlotte cut an entire promo right in her face, telling the Hall-of-Famer she can’t hang and should go back back to changing diapers. Trish responded by calling her a bitch (an important part of building every big women’s feud these days), added “To be the woman, you’ve got to beat the woman,” and accepted the challenge.

So Charlotte versus Trish Stratus is officially on for SummerSlam. Bayley didn’t get involved, despite some predicting she might on the basis of a challenge she tweeted to Trish earlier. In fact, the Smackdown Women’s Champion had a completely separate match with her announced SummerSlam opponent Ember Moon (plus Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross) earlier in the show. So it appears we’re getting at least three women’s matches at SummerSlam (the other one being Becky Lynch versus Natalya for the Raw Women’s Title), and maybe even four depending on what happens with the Women’s Tag Team Championship.