Two Drunk Guys In San Antonio Got Into An Argument About Wrestling And One Of Them Got Shot

A shooting incident happened in San Antonio late Sunday night and sent one man to a local hospital to be treated for injuries. Why? Because they’d gotten into an argument about wrestling. KENS5 Eye Witness News reports:

San Antonio police said they were searching for a shooting suspect after a night of drinking and horseplay ended in gunfire.

Police said a group of men were drinking together around 10:30 Sunday night in the 4000 block of Indian Sunrise on the city’s northeast side.

Police said the men then initiated an argument about who the best wrestler was, leading to an impromptu wrestling contest.

Police said that is when one man pulled out a gun and shot one of the others in the ankle.

This is why no matter how fun it is, you shouldn’t RKO people from outta nowhere.

The report says the argument was about “who the best wrestler was” and led to the men wrestling, which suggests they were arguing about their own abilities. I’m choosing to believe they were arguing about WWE. One guy said Roman Reigns is the best wrestler, and his friend got super defensive about Dean Ambrose. I also hope that after the man drew a pistol and shot his friend in the leg, he grabbed an ankle lock. Gotta keep your psychology tight when you’re getting into catch-as-catch-can Texas bar-fights.

We don’t have footage of the incident, but this clip from Beyond Wrestling is probably pretty close.