Tyler Breeze Is Being Eyed As Heath Slater’s Replacement If He Doesn’t Return Soon

Heath Slater is currently on an indefinite vacation from WWE while he deals with “personal issues”, aka his alleged assault of a female hotel security guard back in 2011. Slater has denied the charges against him, but until this is all cleared up he obviously isn’t going to shaking his butt on WWE’s PG-rated TV show.

You’d think Heath Slater no longer being on WWE TV would be of minor concern to the company, as they never really did anything with the guy, but it turns out WWE is oddly concerned with finding a Slater replacement. For starters, according to the Wrestling Observer, the new team of Cesaro and Tyson Kidd is essentially intended to fill Slater Gator’s spot, so if you thought WWE had real plans for this team made up of the most talented in-ring performers in the company, well, keep dreaming.

But what about Slater’s former partner Titus O’Neil? Well, he’s been getting a minor singles push over the past couple of weeks, but on house shows he’s formed a new Slater Gator-esque team with Tyler Breeze. Sigh.

Don’t get me wrong, Heath is a talented guy, but he was also a jobber/clown for most of his WWE run, and the fact that the company has pegged Tyler Breeze to be his replacement implies the main roster powers that be see Breeze in a similar light, which isn’t a good thing. Even Heath Slater got to briefly be in the Nexus before he became the air guitaring Wendy’s girl. Pray for Prince Pretty.

via EwrestlingNews