The Five Biggest Revelations From ‘The Evolution Of Punk’ Episode Two

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08.23.16 15 Comments

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Last week, Fox Sports debuted their Evolution of Punk documentary series chronicling the long, long, long journey of CM Punk from the WWE ring to the UFC Octagon. You can find our breakdown of the first episode here, but now it’s on to bigger and better things: the second episode! Is Punk getting any more ready to face Mickey Gall than last week’s terrifying showing? Let’s find out!

CM Punk thinks you have to be crazy to be successful in anything

One of the early trademarks of this show is clearly going to be Punk sharing his deep thoughts during his daily drives to and from Milwaukee. As the second episode opens, Punk is on one of these drives and talks about how craziness drives creativity and success. We get still photos of his WWE days before he gives a perfect example of what he’s talking about: Alexander Graham Bell.

Yes, this is perfectly analogous, Punk. Just as Bell invented the telephone, so too will you … win an MMA fight? Righteous.

Alas, these segments won’t be TOO frequent in subsequent episodes, as later in this week’s episode he and AJ move into an apartment in Milwaukee just to be closer to Roufusport while he remains in training camp.

Lars Frederiksen and AJ Lee hate watching their boy get wrecked

Punk has his second sparring session 12 weeks into training. His opponent for this session is Craig Eckelberg, a welterweight fighter with a 6-2 record. It goes EXACTLY as well as you think it’s going to. Even better, Punk brings along his wife April (AKA AJ Lee) and his good friend Lars Frederiksen, of the band Rancid. They get a cageside seat to watching him get choked and punched.

Later at lunch (more on that later), AJ says that was the most uncomfortable thing ever and she hated watching it. But she doesn’t say it in an unsupportive way!

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