UFC Lightweight Champ Eddie Alvarez Defended WWE Superstars As ‘Incredible Athletes’

Even if UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor thinks WWE Superstars are “messed up pussies,” that sentiment isn’t shared by the best in the next weight class up. Eddie Alvarez was questioned about McGregor’s disparaging comments when approached by TMZ Sports recently, and the current Lightweight Champion had a drastically different take on the matter:

The only wrestler Conor is actually gonna challenge is a fake wrestler. I think we all have our place … what they do is an act, but that’s not taking away that they’re incredible athletes. A lot of them come from the Olympics, and wrestling in general, so they are athletes, it’s just an act.

Alvarez has a much higher opinion of “fake” wrestlers than he does McGregor, who he says “can’t fight for sh*t.” He then reiterated that he wants to fight the winner of the McGregor-Nate Diaz bout at UFC 202:

I keep getting asked by all the media — you fight all the best guys in the world and at the end of the day the media asks ‘what about Conor McGregor?’ so I’m sick of being asked about his name. Him or Nate. I have some history with Nate, too. Either one of them.

Alvarez has stated before that he wants to fight McGregor, so he may not even have to win against Diaz to get his shot at throwing hands with the champ. Though I’m sure there aren’t many wrestling fans rooting for McGregor after his weak-ass ‘apology’ the other day, I’m sure they’d definitely be all for seeing him get bloodied up by yet another UFC lightweight.