Uh Oh, The Iron Sheik Is Stopping By With Spandex Tomorrow For An UPROXX Live Q&A

Hold on to your butts, folks, because tomorrow at exactly 2 PM EST, WWE Hall of Famer THE IRON SHEIK will be participating in an UPROXX Live Q&A at With Spandex. Sheiky Baby will be hanging out for an hour to answer any and all of your questions in an uncensored — and I stress the word “uncensored” — discussion.

You can ask him about his movie, his upcoming roast, whether or not Iran is #1, cameraman zooms, making people humble, whatever. Remember: this is happening WEDNESDAY AT 2PM EST, so be here for it. It’ll have its own live thread, so if you drop down and leave questions here, nobody’s gonna read or answer them. I’m just giving you time to prepare.

Note: This Q&A will be open to everyone except B. Brian Blair.

Some Sheik goodness, in case you’re somehow unfamiliar with the man:

Warning: This video features language that is NSFW (or anywhere else).