The Man In The Mirror: Reliving Ultimate Warrior’s Final, Epically Embarrassing Run In WCW

Pro Wrestling Editor
06.16.16 33 Comments

The legacy of the late Ultimate Warrior is one of passionate insanity. A legacy that reached into the brains of children and brought a loud, snarling, impossibly muscular comic-book character to life inside a wrestling ring. He influenced a generation of stars, was often imitated, and lives on as part of WWE’s Hall of Fame.

Today, on what would have been the Warrior’s 57th birthday, we’re choosing to honor him in a very different way: by recalling his unbelievable, unforgettable few months in World Championship Wrestling in 1998. If you remember the journey, look back on it with us. If you don’t, read on and try to imagine that any of this happened in real life.

Happy birthday, Warrior. We’re sorry.

The Ultimate Surprise

We’d be doing you a disservice if a piece about The Warrior in WCW didn’t start with a bit about The Renegade.

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