Here’s Video Of 50-Year-Old Undertaker Deadlifting 405 Pounds

Last week, I went to the gym and benched like 135, and on the way up, I hit the bar against the little hook thingies that they rest on, and it knocked my balance off. So, the left side of the bar tipped over and the 45- and 10-pound weights fell off. (I don’t use the clamps to keep the weights on the bar. I should.) It was loud and pretty embarrassing because it looked like I’d almost died trying to lift the relatively light weight. Well, let’s add this swift kick in the nethers: The Undertaker is 50 years old and he’s deadlifting 405 pounds.

Enough about me. This pretty much means what we thought it would mean: Undertaker is training to be at WrestleMania. Duh. It also means that he’s freakishly strong even in his old age. I wonder how much he was deadlifting in his prime. The thing about Undertaker is that his athleticism, persona and ring psychology always get brought up first when talking about his legendary status. However, his early feuds were spend against 500-pound guys, showing off the fact that ‘Taker was a legitimate powerhouse.

So, it’s pretty much fair to say he’s training to lift John Cena’s ghost in April, right? Right. Or Braun Strowman. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

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