The Undertaker And Mark Henry Went On A Fun Run Before Someone TP’d Undie’s House

“The Undertaker and Mark Henry went on a fun run, and then someone TP’d The Undertaker’s house” is an insane set of words to string together, and yet here were are, living in a world where that’s a reality.

The Undertaker is just as well known for his penchant for mini-marathons and fun runs as he is for sitting in airports looking like a guy exactly his age. This week, he combined both of those things when he joined his WrestleMania 22 opponent in the adorably (or terrifyingly, depending on your perspective) named Bee Cave, Texas for the Cheyanna’s Champions 4 Children micro marathon. The CC4C organization provides assistance to children in Texas living with rare or undiagnosed conditions with resources not covered by medical insurance or other financial assistance.

CC4C pairs their sponsored children up with their own ‘Champion’ pro athlete. Mark Henry is a champion this year, as are Mark and Michelle Calaway (I guess she’s only McCool for the summer).

Here are more pictures of the former Michelle McCool and the current Fundertaker at the event. The best part is how they’re helping out children, but also how much it looks like ‘Taker shoved one of Melina’s old fur boots up under his hat to give him the illusion of having Sting’s hair:

Then, in a weird turn of events, someone pranked the Calaways and TP’d their house, because toilet paper jokes are hard when it’s late in the afternoon. R.I.(T)P? Rest in piece(s of Charmin)? Dead Man Wipin’?

No word on the culprit, but you’re welcome to imagine a gleeful Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar driving away from the Calaway residence, trails of toilet paper streaming out a rental car window. I dunno about you, but I want to live in that reality.