Watch The Undertaker Return To Get Revenge On Brock Lesnar At WWE Battleground 2015

It turns out the rumors were true, for once: WWE legend The Undertaker made his much-anticipated return to WWE at Sunday’s Battleground event, attacking Brock Lesnar during his main-event match with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins.

If you missed it, Lesnar seemed to have the match in control, suplexing Rollins over a dozen times and catching him with an F-5. Before the referee could count three, however, the lights went out and the Undertaker’s bells — or “Undertaker’s dong,” as we like to call it — rang. Taker apparently was looking for revenge for Lesnar ending his WrestleMania streak at WrestleMania 30, despite him wrestling at WrestleMania 31 without incident. Taker chokeslammed Lesnar and delivered two tombstone piledrivers, leaving Lesnar’s championship hopes in the dust.

With Lesnar’s recent fan reactions and the popularity of “Suplex City” this came off like a heel turn and attack, but come on, like people are going to boo The Undertaker in 2015? He could’ve shown up with Paul Heyman’s head on a pike and the crowd would’ve chanted “UN-DER-TAY-KER.” Looks like we’re shooting for Undertaker vs. Lesnar II at SummerSlam.

WWE has official video up now, so check it out above, courtesy of WWEFanNation.