Update: David Otunga Is Still Alive, Still Employed By WWE And Trying To Win A Singles Title

We’ve got a post about John Laurinaitis at the top of the page, so why not an update on David Otunga?

When we last left Otunga, he was an NXT rookie turned Nexus member turned pro wrestling lawyer, married to Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson and posing at every available opportunity. He was never very good in the ring, though, so after a run alongside Raw General Manager Big Johnny, Otunga disappeared from our screens. He’ll pop up every now and then, but we never know what’s going on. Is he still a wrestler? Did they fire him? The guy’s been on General Hospital more than Raw this year.

Thanks to an interview with the appropriately-named Always A-List, we have our answers. Yes, he’s still a wrestler. Yes, he’s still employed, and yes, he’s gonna show up any day now and wreck Brock Lesnar. YES THIS WILL ALL HAPPEN.

Your last appearance on WWE was during the pay-per-view The Royal Rumble. Are you done with professional wrestling? Have you hung up your trunks?

No not yet. I’m still with them. I’m focusing on some other stuff, but I’m looking to get back there. I’d like to win a singles title. But you haven’t seen the last of me.

When you return to WWE, who do you want to work with? Any particular wrestling star you want to contend with?

Whoever is the champion at that time. Whoever is in the main event is where I want to be.

The interview is mostly about him being married and doing stand-up comedy, so that should tell you how close this is to becoming a reality. Still though, what happens first? Jennifer Hudson wins another Oscar, or David Otunga returns and wins a singles title?

Here are a few important memories of the A-Lister while you think it over.