UPROXX Live Q&A With Impact Wrestling’s Ethan Carter III

Ladies and gentlemen, EC3.

Starting at 12 noon today EST (Tuesday, if you’re getting here late), TNA Impact Wrestling star Ethan Carter III will be stopping by for a live, uncensored, 1% UPROXX Q&A. After this, he’s headed to Tokyo, Japan, for TNA’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view event and a match against the 452-pound former sumo wrestler and Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion Ryota Hama. This may be your only opportunity to ask EC3 a question before a really big guy turns his spine into a stack of pebbles.

Anything goes, but I’d recommend keeping your questions civil and respectful to both Mr. Carter and his family. I don’t want to end up beaten (like Sting) or hurt (like Kurt Angle).

Today’s discussion is scheduled to begin at 12pm EST and will go for about an hour. Please begin your questions with “@EC3” to keep things organized. We’re taking questions a little early, and (in theory) they’ll be answered in the order they are submitted. Click on “See All Responses” or click on his name in the right side module to easily access all of his answers.