UPROXX Live Q&A With WWE Hall Of Famer The Iron Sheik

Prepare to be made humble and have your backs broken, because With Spandex is proud to welcome WWE Hall of Famer, NWA Hall of Famer, former WWF Champion and reason Hulkamania exists, The Iron Sheik.

The Iron Sheik is one of the iconic professional wrestlers of the 1980s. He’s done it all all over the world, whether it’s ending the near six-year reign of World Wrestling Federation Champion Bob Backlund, teaming up with Nikolai Volkoff to win the WWF Tag Team Championships, winning a battle royal at a WrestleMania sixteen years later or simply camel clutching folks in animated form on Hulk Hogan’s Rock n’ Wrestling. Plus, he’s a movie star! Check out The Sheik here if you haven’t heard about it.

The other thing is … well, how do I put it? Iron Sheik has a way with words. You can expect things to get pretty raw in here, because I’m pretty sure Sheik calls waiters horrible things you wouldn’t call your worst enemy when he orders a glass of water. It’s gonna be fun. If you want more, you can check out the main man hosting a roast in Los Angeles on Thursday night.

Today’s discussion is scheduled to begin at 2pm EST and will go for about an hour. Please begin your questions with “@Sheik” to keep things organized. We’ll be opening the thread up a couple of hours ahead of time with the goal of getting to the questions in the order they are submitted. Click on “See All Responses” or Sheiky Baby’s name in the right side module to easily access all of his answers.

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