Wrestling Legend Vampiro Revealed He’s Been Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s Disease


Veteran wrestler Vampiro, known for his work in WCW and CMLL and more recently with Lucha Underground and AAA, shared some concerning news about his health. In a Facebook post, the 51-year-old revealed that he was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Here’s how Vampiro shared the news:

Got some results from the doctor yesterday
Not the best of news

But in my heart I know it’s a fight I am gonna win

I am not worried about anything

I am worried about how I can give more back to everyone who needs support

Don’t give a f*ck about being sick , as me and my doctors have a plan! And I will be fine!

Alzheimer’s is bullshit. I am scared about potential Parkinson’s disease because it might f*ck up my PlayStation time

I have been beaten up for so long , this is an easy one


Look at the news of the world

So much
Bullshit going down

Just do what’s right and be cool to everyone

Don’t get involved in the stupid shit

Not worth it

Be safe y’all and talk soon

Several hours later, Vampiro posted a video on Facebook thanking his fans for their support, plugging “monstrously cool things” coming up in his career, and overall displaying a positive attitude. He also provided some more specific information about his condition:

I’ve got some serious trauma, brain trauma, from all the concussions… It was a serious situation. I had to leave Mexico. I think I saved my life by coming here and going into therapy, but it’s not the end of the world by any f*cking means at all. I go to the gym three or four hours a day and my diet is super clean. I’m on the right medications and the right treatments. I’m going to be fine. Alzheimer’s – I mean, you know, f*ck it. It doesn’t phase me at all. I’m awesome… I ain’t a quitter and I’m not scared to fight the good fight.

We wish Vamp the best, even if he doesn’t need it.