Vince McMahon’s Brutal Workout Regimen Will Put Yours To Shame

01.06.16 3 years ago 13 Comments

Still feeling good about that New Year’s resolution to get back in the gym? Do you aready work out, but you’re ready to take it to the next level? Well, Muscle & Fitness magazine is here with a full breakdown on how to get you shredded — old man style.

Old Man Strength is a lofty, unattainable goal for most, especially for those of us who won’t actually turn into old men at some point, but Vince McMahon is supplementing nature’s gift by working out harder than literally any of us. Well, unless The Rock is reading this (he isn’t) (if he is hi Dwayne post more dog pictures thanks). Photos of the 70-year-old titan of pro wrestling may cause you to think ‘wow’ and ‘what is happening on his back’ and ‘oh my god is that even normal are you okay,’ but if those are the reactions you’re looking for, here’s how Vince gets there:

“On the bent-over row he can do 315 for 10 reps,” says Mike Monteforte, McMahon’s trainer and workout partner. “He has unbelievable strength in his back.” After completing a body part, the two
 will then do a CrossFit-inspired workout consisting of battling rope slams, sled drags, sledgehammer swings (with a hammer named Big Jack, an allusion to the AC/DC song), and sprints. After that—yes, there’s more!—he does a circuit of ab exercises. The whole training session takes 90 minutes.

See? Vince McMahon has to be evil. Nobody who does ‘a circuit of ab exercises’ just for funsies could ever convince me otherwise.

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