Vintage Best And Worst: WWE NXT 10/26/10 Season 3 Episode 8

Pre-show notes:

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Best/Worst: The Diva Costume Challenge

It’s five days before Halloween 2010 (the year I dressed up as the bad guy from Strawberry Shortcake), so the NXT graphics have cobwebs on them and the rookie Divas compete in a Halloween costume contest. The rules of the contest are never really made clear, and they get 15 seconds to “impress” before the crowd cheers for whomever they like. Spoiler: they like the cute babyfaces. Second spoiler: Matt Striker’s costume is “Soon To Be Unemployed Man.”

Let’s break down the costumes:

– “Aksana tonight is a DEVIL!” I’m surprised nobody was a “sexy cat.” Aksana puts on a red jumpsuit, carries a tiny plastic pitchfork and spends 15 seconds kinda blowing kisses and displaying her ass in a semi-circle. They cut it short when they realize she has no f*cking idea how to express “sexy devil” in pantomime. Cole wins line of the night here with, “I saw her on the side of a SPAM can.”