Former Pro Wrestler Virgil Claims He Inspired Donald Trump’s GOP Debate Performances

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It turns out Donald Trump and Sean Hannity weren’t the only ones comparing the CNN GOP debate to WWE. Former pro wrestler Virgil – now known best for his Iron Sheik-like tirades – says that Trump reminds him of a professional wrestler, and is taking all of the credit.

Virgil took a break from his bizarre obsession with the Olive Garden and insistence that he’s Xavier Woods’s father to give TMZ this ‘exclusive’ (if not slightly cringe-worthy) reaction:

Virgil says he met Donald at WWE events in the ’80s and ’90s, and claims the business mogul picked his brain for tips on being a great showman.

“People like the spectacle. People want to see confidence. He is confident just like a wrestler.”

Virgil, who is a Republican, had one more piece of advice for Donald — “All people want to know is that they can pay the bills and live a good life. They want confidence they can eat.”

For those who aren’t familiar with Virgil, he mostly spent his time in the background as a *don’t say slave don’t say slave don’t say slave* bodyguard for the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase. DiBiase and Virgil greeted Trump at ringside during WrestleMania V, which was held at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City. Beyond that, Trump’s on-screen interactions were…pretty Virgil-less.

Virgil’s role was primarily making grumpy faces and aggressively counting money while wearing a sleeveless tuxedo because Pro Wrestling, so unless Trump is spending his debate time standing behind Jeb Bush and waving around his ‘f*ck money,’ we might take this with a bigger grain of salt than usual.