The 10 Things We Learned From Virgil’s Reddit AMA

This is Virgil. You may remember him as the guy who stood in the background and fanned The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase’s money, or as a meme about loneliness. He recently made headlines by, I sh*t you not, trying to raise a million dollars so he can inspire people to live their dreams of having a million dollars. He’s not offering perks or anything, he just wants you to give him a million dollars.

Virgil held a Reddit AMA on Thursday, and we learned a lot. Here are our 10 most important notes, in no particular order. When you’re done, you’ll know all you ever needed to know about Virgil.

1. Let’s get this out of the way early: When Virgil says he’s “14 inches,” he means it.


2. Virgil will do anything for money.

3. Virgil main-evented WWF for six years and deserves a spot in their Hall of Fame.

4. Olive Garden is the only restaurant Virgil will ever patronize.

5. Virgil pays for Olive Garden using something called “F*ck Money.”

6. Virgil would wrestle his final match against two very different WWE Superstars, for two very different reasons.

7. Virgil deeply appreciates Sam Smith.

8. Virgil has confusing opinions about Batista.

9. There is a reason why Virgil is so positive.

10. Virgil says, “never give up.”