Vitor Belfort Wants To Take On CM Punk For His Retirement Fight

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According to Vitor Belfort, he has one fight left in him. And after spending the past 21 years taking on the meanest opponents a fight promotion could throw his way, he’s looking to take it a bit easier in his retirement bout.

“I’m going to talk to the UFC, but I want this fight at 205 pounds. I would love to do this fight in this category,” said Belfort, who has been competing at 185 pounds since 2008. As for who he’d like to fight?

“It would have to be an interesting fighter, but not a top fighter. I’ve been fighting good guys before: Dan Henderson, Weidman, Dan Henderson, Jacare, Mousasi and now Kelvin Gastelum. These are all hard fights, so if you can book a smoother fight… What’s the name of that guy from WWE? CM Punk would be a good fight. CM Punk, let’s get it on. That would be a really good fight.”

Really good as in an easy win for Belfort. While the aging Brazilian fighter only holds one win since 2014, he’s also been facing the cream of the extremely deep middleweight crop. It was borderline promotional malpractice allowing CM Punk to fight in the UFC at all … Dana White ended up bringing a relatively new MMA fighter named Mickey Gall up into the organization to serve as Punk’s first opponent, and the former WWE superstar still got starched without landing a single punch.

But a loss is a loss is a loss, right? What’d the difference be between CM Punk losing to a Gall type or a Belfort type? Well, how about we ask Luke Rockhold:

Or Dan Henderson:

Yeah, let’s not put CM Punk against Vitor Belfort.

(via FloCombat)