Want To Feel Old Again? Hulk Hogan Turned On WCW And Formed The nWo 18 Years Old Today.

Last month, Stone Cold Steve Austin’s legendary Austin 3:16 promo turned 18 and made us feel like grandpas. Hot on its heels is the other important pro wrestling event from the summer of 1996: Hulk Hogan dropping a leg on Macho Man Randy Savage at WCW Bash at the Beach ’96 and forming the New World Order. That happened 18 years ago today. July 7, 1996.

Note: babies who were born during that show are going to college this year, and have literally been nWo for life.

If you haven’t seen the clip in a while, you can relive the birth of the ‘new world organization of wrestling, brother’ below. Wrestling doesn’t have enough rings full of garbage these days. If you’d like to read a little more about it, make sure you check out David D.’s vintage Best and Worst of Bash at the Beach ’96.