Watch Brock Lesnar Hurl A Car Door Into The Crowd On Raw And Hit A Fan

If you missed Monday’s edition of WWE Raw, Brock Lesnar double-wielded fire axes and destroyed the brand new Cadillac that Seth Rollins had given J&J Security the week before. While “crazed South Dakotan monster man chops car to death” is its own newsworthy bit, the moment people are buzzing about this morning involves a ripped-off car door being hurled into the crowd.

As you may have noticed, Brock Lesnar is strong. During this Street Fighter II bonus round of the segment, he dismantles the car door, slams it to the ground and discus throws it away. Unfortunately for some fans in the front row corner, the door dismantles in the air and the hard plastic part spins into their heads.

Here’s a clip from the show. Jump to the 2:25 mark for the door removal and launch.

Now here’s the reverse view via Twitter. It’s hard to see, but look closely.

The good news is that everyone’s reportedly okay, and that guy got an amazing souvenir. Brock’s got an issue with accidentally launching objects into the crowd, if you’ll remember last year when he sent a monitor flying into the seats. WWE fans attending Battleground should watch for falling Seth Rollins and keep their heads up. Treat it like a live ball at baseball games.