Watch Dave Bautista Give James Bond A One-Way Ticket On The Pain Train In This New ‘Spectre’ Clip

It’s all aboard the Pain Train for Daniel Craig in this latest teaser clip from the new 007 flick Spectre. Dave Bautista, formerly known as WWE Superstar ‘The Animal’ Batista, plays an evil henchman named Mr. Hinx in the latest installment in the Bond franchise. What we learned about Mr. Hinx from the trailers prior to this is that he’s a bad guy, he’s way into ominously driving cars, and is even more into bringing back newsboy caps as a thing. Oh yeah, man, he’s definitely evil.

In this latest trailer, we don’t learn much more about who Mr. Hinx is, or his relation to James Bond, but it is WAY FUN to watch him beat the ever-loving sh*t out of Daniel Craig. He’s impervious to glass! He can punch metal stuff like it’s made of… softer, non-metal stuff! It’s like someone turned on ‘slappers only’ and someone took it way too seriously.

Recently, Bautista described Mr. Hinx as an ‘intelligent badass,’ but we definitely get more of the badass part here. Watching Daniel Craig as Bond is like watching an incredibly articulate piece of melba toast pout for two hours, but this? Yeah, I could get into this.

h/t to our brofriends over at BroBible