Watch Jameis Winston Get RKO’d From Outta Nowhere In Today’s Best Explanation For That Rose Bowl Fumble

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We may have gotten a little burned out on RKO Vines, but Randy Orton got RKO’d by a child on Christmas and renewed our love of the art. It was a Christmas miracle, and couldn’t have come at a better time.

In case you missed the Rose Bowl, Oregon absolutely gutted Florida State, ending a 29-game winning streak in a 59-20 blowout. The damn Undertaker didn’t get beaten that badly at WrestleMania. The highlight of the game was a ridiculous gaffe from Jameis Winston, who tried to avoid a tackle by LIMBO FUMBLING. Today, thanks to Vine, we know the reason why. The reason from outta nowhere.

Let’s hope Roman Reigns pulls something similar at the Royal Rumble.