Watch John Cena Give Cesaro Some Much-Deserved Praise In This Passionate Post-Raw Promo

Well, I guess we finally have to stop ragging on John Cena for making fun of Cesaro’s nipples. Unexpectedly, this week’s Raw culminated in a fantastic 30-minute U.S. title match between John Cena and Cesaro. Cena walked out of the match as champion, but it really felt like a career-making moment for Cesaro. After the cameras turned off, Cena even called Cesaro back out and spent a solid five minutes praising the man in front of a raucous Chicago crowd who were chanting CE-SAR-O instead of their usual favorite three-syllable chant. Thankfully, fans had their phones at the ready, so you can check out Cena being a stand-up guy above.

Being that fan-shot videos can disappear at any time, here’s a transcript of Cena’s promo.

“What you can do in this ring is simply amazing, and for years, you’ve been fighting and you just haven’t received the right opportunity. For two weeks-straight, even with The Beast destroying a Cadillac, the word on everybody’s lips is Cesaro. I don’t know when your next opportunity is, but I’m telling you, man to man, you’ve made the absolute most out of the last two. I wanna do something right now that I think is going to help you. Come here and get in this ring.

I want you to take this with you, because this is what keeps me going. You are standing in hallowed ground, among the rowdiest crowd in the WWE Universe. Do you hear them? This is why we are here; this is what keeps us going; this is what gives you the passion when you get an opportunity or they force you to wait for it. It is these people and the sound of excitement, and the passion that keeps your heart beating. I want you to listen to it just one more time before you make your way back behind that screen. This is what it feels like to not only be in the main-event, but to be the man in the main-event. I want you to remember that noise each and every time you step in this ring and give the exact same effort you’ve given for the past two weeks, because they love it. They want to see it, and I know sure as hell you want to give it.

Thank you for giving a guy who’s been around the block for 13 years one more memorable moment in the greatest wrestling city on the planet.”

Hopefully this is the start of something big for Cesaro because, if his superheroic brass ring grabbing over the past two weeks doesn’t result in anything, even Vince McMahon would have to admit they mean nothing. CE-SAR-O, CE-SAR-O.