Lucha Underground’s Emotional Tribute To Perro Aguayo, Jr. Might Make You Cry

Lucha Underground has released a beautiful, loving tribute to their friend Perro Aguayo, Jr., who tragically died on March 21, and news of the freak accident shook the wrestling world to its core.

We all get wrapped up in the characters wrestlers portray and immerse ourselves in the fantastic worlds that wrestling companies create. We suspend disbelief and embrace that there are dragons or men with baseball faces; that there are superheros who show the very best of who we can be, and villains who portray the very worst. If we didn’t do these things, pro wrestling couldn’t exist. Sometimes, however, we can forget that behind all of this there are real people, and those people laugh and cry and love and hurt just like we do, and it’s crushing to have something like this be that reminder.