Watch Samoa Joe Make His WWE Debut At Last Night’s NXT Live Special

“We know who THAT is, Taz! What’s SAMOA JOE doing in the Full Sail Zone?”

In case you missed it, yes, that is former Ring of Honor and TNA World Heavyweight Champion Samoa Joe making his WWE debut at last night’s NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable live special. The show was ending on a sour note with Kevin Owens once again obliterating Sami Zayn when sorta-familiar-sounding music interrupted him, and Joe walked out. As “Samoa Joe,” even! No Joey Samoey, no Island Jack, just straight-up independent wrestling legend Samoa Joe. If you’re worried about them changing his name next week, don’t be… the shirt’s already on WWE Shop.

Here’s what you need to see:

WWE Fan Nation has posted a few post-show clips, as well, including Joe’s debut promo and an interview with Renee.

We have so much to look forward to.