Watch Sexy Star Smash The Damn Patriarchy In This Week’s Exclusive Lucha Underground Clip

Every time the folks at El Rey Network send us an exclusive Lucha Underground clip, they get a little closer to my heart. They get us. They let us dance along with El Mariachi Loco and watch King Cuerno be a glorious creeper, and now they’re giving us a sneak peek at Sexy Star demanding CREW BLOOD in a meeting with Dario Cueto.

Sexy’s tired of having men jump into her matches and save her, and she wants the opportunity to fight her battles on her own. She managed to survive Cueto putting a bounty on the heads of the “freaks” who’ve defied expectations and lasted longer than expected in his Temple, so he’s willing to give her a shot. And, in true Dario Cueto fashion, it’s more advantageous for Dario Cueto than anyone.

Check it out:

The show’s got a huge buzz going now, but if for some reason you still aren’t watching it, find a damn way to watch it. If you get the El Rey Network, watch it on Wednesday nights at 8PM EST. If you don’t, tell your cable company to get it. You can (legally!) watch it online using Sling TV and see the Spanish-language version on the UniMas website. Trust me, it’s worth it.

If smashing the patriarchy isn’t enough, perhaps you’d like to see a PUMA-CRUSHING MACHINE.