Watch This Japanese Wrestler Forget That Wrestling Is Fake (Or Don’t, It’s Really Gross)

We all joke around about how of all sports only wrestling is real, but guys, when wrestling turns real it is f*cking terrifying. This past Saturday, Japanese female wrestler Yoshiko was set to to face Act Yasukawa in the joshi promotion STARDOM’s main event. Yoshiko decided to go into business for herself, and the result is disgusting on every level.

Before you watch this it’s important to note that when a wrestler with actual bad intentions starts pummeling another person, things can get very violent and very uncomfortable. Not only does this contain unedited footage of her injuries, but Act Yasukawa fighting to climb back into the ring to finish the match as a pro wrestler while American independent wrestler Heidi Lovelace begs her not to go back in is difficult to watch. As such we’re putting a very big **GRAPHIC VIOLENCE CONTAINED WITHIN** disclaimer on the video below. Skip ahead to the 3:15 mark.

While the only confirmation of injuries comes from a blog post written by Yasukawa’s mother on her behalf saying that both of her eyes are swollen shut, it’s rumoured that she suffered a broken orbital bone, broken nose, and concussion. Reasons for Yoshiko turning on her have ranged from not wanting to drop the title to Yasukawa, to simply being jealous of her rise in popularity. STARDOM officials have yet to release an official statement on the situation, or any possible consequences for Yoshiko.

Whatever the reason, Act Yasukawa won’t be stepping back into the ring anytime soon. There are more than a few Act Yasukawa fans here at With Spandex, and we wish her speedy recovery in the coming months.