Watch This Video Of R-Truth Bringing Crunk Back In The Year 2014

08.12.14 4 years ago 19 Comments
r truth crunk video


A couple of notes:

1. Crunk music was popular around 2004, led by guys like Lil Jon and The Eastside Boys and other people who copied him. They helped make the word “crunk” a household term that your mom probably used when she dropped you off at high school after watching Oprah raise the roof to it. “Crunk” stopped being a cool thing to say almost a decade ago.

2. R-Truth is theeeee worst. He’s not a good wrestler and his entrance is one of the worst displays of “rapping” you’ll hear on a weekly basis. The song was only good when the Miz rapped his parts. Do you know how bad something has to be for The Miz to make it better? Exactly.

Because of those two facts, this video is incredible to watch. First, Alicia Fox talks with her hands so incredibly much that it makes me dizzy. But also, R-Truth rapping and “orchestrating” his own music. The lyrics, though. The lyrics!

Sometimes I’m bad
And sometimes I’m hopeless
Sometimes I’m sad
Summathatimes I feel depressed

Later in the video, R-Truth is doing that thing where he’s pretending to record a song but he’s recording “Time To Get Crunk”…but he performed it in 2010. Is he still working on the song? Is that the remix? AND IS EVE GOING TO BE DANCING?! These are important questions.

Then he “kicks a freestyle” and…well…at least Alicia Fox is cute as a button. Don’t take my word for it. Watch R-Truth rickety rickety rip it.

Also. Relevant.

r truth 2pac


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