Watch Tommy Dreamer Suplex Some Dork Back To Neverland

I’m only vaguely familiar with the show “Impractical Jokers” on TruTV.  For those not in the know, it’s a prank-war competition show where the loser has to pull some ridiculous stunt while following every instruction fed to him through an earpiece.  So, when I got wind of former WWE/ECW star and House of Hardcore founder Tommy Dreamer showing up, I thought I’d take a look.  And holy crap, these guys might be the most abrasive people I have ever witnessed on television.  If there was a trade school for morning zoo radio DJs, these would be the dropouts.  But let’s not get me started on one of my reality TV rants.  Instead, let’s focus on the Innovator of Violence going to work on this schlub in the Peter Pan costume.

[protected-iframe id=”6869889e38956a6308c54d71d260d3cb-60970621-19917426″ info=”” width=”650″ height=”400″]

It’s like if the hyenas from The Lion King all got lobotomies.

Full disclosure: I am a BIG Tommy Dreamer fan.  I’m not even sure I know why, I think it’s just because he’s an honest, blue-collar guy who seems genuinely enthralled with wrestling.  One of the things that got me so excited for WrestleCon back in April was my chance to finally see him wrestle live… so naturally, the day of the show, I got food poisoning strong enough to bring down a rhino and I couldn’t really focus on the match.  THANKS, PAPA JOHN’S.  Still, honored to be there.  I really hope Bobby Fish didn’t watch me throw up in the garbage can by the concession booth.

And by the way, let’s address the elephant in the room… the guy in the Peter Pan outfit is TOTALLY in on this.  I’m not sure what the target demographic for Impractical Jokers is, but they’re getting worked, brother.  You cannot pull in some average Joe off the street and expect him to safely take a suplex.  Sorry to spoil the illusion of your shouting man-child prank show, but this guy was at least briefly trained on how to take a bump.  These are the things you learn from one month of wrestling school.