Pro Wrestler Adrian Neville Makes This Courageous 11-Year-Old Boy’s Day

Ethan Reno, 11, and his mother stopped a home invasion that could have gone horribly wrong. While Reno’s mother physically fought off a burglar, he separated himself and called 9-1-1. What makes the story even scarier is that they suspect the man had been hiding in their basement for at least a week, so that’s terrifying, and we’re super happy everyone is alright!

Ethan was awarded a medal and recognized by his town’s police force for his grace under pressure, but obviously none of that is as cool as meeting Adrian Neville. No, really. Look at this kid’s face:

So great, right?

Neville surprised Ethan on The Meredith Vieira Show, delivering a gift basket and hugs and reminding us that, wow, he is not tall. While it’s not exactly the Mighty Mouse gimmick we all feared, the look on Ethan’s face as his favorite wrestler walked in and said really nice things about him is a great reminder that, for all our criticisms and snark, these guys are real-life superheroes for so many kids.

Way to go, Ethan. Way to have great taste in wrestlers and also save your family and stuff. Five stars!