Wayne Rooney Just Smacked Down King Barrett On WWE Raw

Back in the spring, then-Intercontinental Champion (but not yet “King”) Wade Barrett threw out a challenge to English footballer Wayne Rooney, captain of both Manchester United and the England national team. Here’s what Barrett — a lifelong supporter of Preston North End F.C. — had to say:

The two feuded on Twitter and a WrestleMania challenge was made, but nothing came of it. Now, at the end of the year, things have finally come to blows.

Rooney was in the front row for Monday’s edition of Raw in Manchester, England, and drew the attention of Barrett at ringside. I’ll let WWE.com set the stage:

Barrett approached Rooney, seated with his son in the front row, at ringside. Barrett ripped Man U’s chances at winning the Barclays Premier League while touting his hometown Preston North End F.C.

When Barrett said he didn’t want to embarrass the captain in front of his son — adding that he “experiences that every time [Rooney] steps on a football pitch” — he crossed the line. Barrett and Rooney continued to trade verbal jabs at ringside, but the 2015 King of the Ring winner clearly underestimated Rooney, who shut up Barrett with a slap.

Here’s the clip:

Legitimately surprised that Barrett didn’t find a way to take a pin.

So what’s the next step in the story? Barrett vs. Rooney at WrestleMania? Barrett and Stardust reuniting to take on Rooney and Stephen Amell? A magical fantasy world where wrestlers can beat up celebrities who go to wrestling shows?