Decisions Of Doom: The Four Matches That Ruined WCW Forever

05.19.16 3 years ago 32 Comments
poke of doom


WCW was once a beautiful, lovely place. The southern-based wrestling company gave us so many classic moments and characters from the Four Horsemen to Sting to Vader and Ricky Steamboat. The company was even on the verge of putting WWE out of business during the infamous Monday Night War. But it wasn’t to be. Due to a mismanagement, politics and a slew of other reasons, WCW fell apart.

While it’s hard to pinpoint with a few moments why a company worth hundreds of millions lost it all, one can definitely draw a line from these four horrible match decisions and WCW’s death. So here are the four matches that killed WCW.

The Event – Starrcade ’97
The Match – Sting vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan

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