Wendy’s Sick Burn On Zack Ryder Is Brand Interactivity Done Right

Sometimes social media can be great. No, really? I mean, for all of the terrible things and horrible spelling mistakes we see on Twitter every day, sometimes a simple craving for tacos can foster some amazing interactions. To wit: Our dearest Bradley Maddox wanted tacos. Wendy’s decided that his tummy was wrong, and threw a touch of snark in the mix:


Oooo, too soon.


Uhh…yeah, what he said, actually. Of course, this is all way better if you pretend that it’s Actually Wendy tweeting from the account, and that she’s doing it from an office filled with pictures of Dave Thomas, consumer awards, and a full-body Heath Slater Fathead for ultimate brand synchronicity.

Because Wendy’s is all about being proactive and in your face, they’re much more reluctant to talk to rando internet wrestling fans than…well, most people if we’re being totally honest. And again, if we’re being totally honest, their conversations are way, way better:


Wow. Way to kick a broski when he’s down, Wendy. Way to kick a broski when he’s down.