A ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Dropped One Sweet Bullet Club Reference


One minute you’re watching Wheel of Fortune , and the next minute a contestant is talking about a WWE star named AJ Styles, something about a superkick party with her two boys, and a taken-aback Pat Sajak shifting off in the other direction.

Thanks to the legendary Shonda on Thursday’s episode of Wheel of Fortune, that’s exactly what went down.

Sajak opened up with asking our dear friend Shonda about wrestling (something non-wrestling fans should know to stay as far away as possible from discussing), and this American hero went from standard contestant to super smark in about three seconds.

She mentioned her favorite wrestler is Styles, her family tries to attend live events and there’s always a superkick party going on at her house with two young boys:

I mean, just look how proud she is after dropping that last bit!


And Sajak really has no idea where to go from here, so like all non-fans not in the know, he just moved on. Probably for the best. According to the Reddit thread, her performance was apparently pretty PHENOMENAL, racking up $94k on a handful of solved puzzles.

And yes, the former Bullet Club compatriots definitely noticed the shout-out and sent her some love of their own. Styles and Nick Jackson tossed the RTs, and Matt Jackson, of course, went the extra mile.

If Triple H doesn’t send this woman (at the very least) a belt, I’ll have lost all faith in WWE … for one full weekend. (Can’t miss Raw, of course. It’s WrestleMania season!)